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Handmade wooden nesting dolls matryoshka with fairy tales images

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Kolobok doll (umbi02)

Matryoshka wooden doll kolobok, hand crafted in Ukraine.

Price $12.95

Repka dolls (b5101)

Wooden nesting dolls matryoshka repka fairy tale style

Price $10.95

Fairy tale doll (umfj)

Fairy tale doll Shelkunchik, hand carved of wood.

Price $64.95

Cinderella (umdf02)

Cinderella Zolushka Girl Matryoshka Babushka Fairy Tale Doll

Price $15.95

Pinocchio (b5161)

Matryoshka wooden dolls of Pinocchio style, set 5 pieces

Price $10.95

Tale of Tsar Saltan (rrdd05)

Matryoshka dolls made in style of tale of Tsar Saltan, 7pc

Price $37.95

Repka Doll (rskz)

Doll of fairy tale repka, big size, handmade in Russia

Price $15

Alisa doll (umfg)

Alisa matryoshka wooden doll of fairy tale style.

Price $64.95

The Scarlet Flower (umei)

Handmade dolls made in style of The Scarlet Flower story.

Price $27.95