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Matryoshka dolls with different designs, not listed above.

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Doctor Matryoshka (umdr)

Doctor Matryoshka Babushka Russian Nesting Stacking Wooden Wood Doll

Price $14.95

Sea Navy Man (umde)

Sea Navy Man, Set 5 Units Matryoshka Russian Nesting Wooden Doll

Price $14.95

Love doll (s002)

Red love doll of 3 pieces, with face

Price $6

Wrestlers (b5140)

Wooden nesting dolls represent wrestlers, set 5 pieces

Price $10.95

Matryoshka set (umfi)

Matryoshka wooden dolls set. Height 22 cm.

Price $45

Nesting eggs (umdh)

Wooden nesting eggs with flower painting, set 5 pieces

Price $49

Dentists (b5138)

Matryoshka hand painted style dentists, set 5 pieces

Price $10.95

Matryoshka doll (umff)

Matryoshka doll with Ukrainian images. Height 17 cm.

Price $25.95

Ukraine life (umfu)

Ukraine life style matryoshka hand painted. Set of 5 pieces

Price $27.95