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Russian nesting dolls made in style of Christmas, Santa Claus, Snowmen.

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Santa Claus (b5110)

Christmas wooden nesting dolls Santa Claus, set 5 pieces

Price $10.95

Ded Moroz set (b5169)

Wooden dolls set Ded Moroz Santa Claus, set 5 pieces

Price $10.95

Ded Moroz (b5162)

Matryoshka wooden nesting dolls Ded Moroz, set 5pc

Price $10.95

Santa Claus (b7118)

Nesting wooden dolls of Santa Claus style, set 7 pieces

Price $19.95

Snowman (umds)

Snow Man Matryoshka Babushka Wooden Russian Nesting Doll

Price $14.95

New Year tree (relk)

New Year or Christmas tree wooden nesting doll

Price $8

Ded Moroz (rrbb)

Russian Ded Moroz, Santa Claus, Christmas wooden dolls.

Price $27

Thanksgiving Day (b5163)

Thanksgiving Day style matryoshka dolls, set 5 pieces

Price $10.95