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Matryoshka dolls made in pyrography, fire burning style

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Golden matryoshka (rrcg02)

Matryoshka wooden nesting dolls of golden color, 5 pieces

Price $24

Pink flower doll (roro40)

Wooden nesting doll with pink flower, pyrography art

Price $8.95

Nesting wooden doll (roro32)

Wooden nesting doll with grey color flower, pyrography art

Price $8.95

Color flower doll (roro35)

Wooden nesting doll with colored flower, hand crafted in Russia

Price $8.95

Dark flower doll (roro38)

Nesting doll with dark color flower, handmade in Russia

Price $8.95

Pyrography doll (roro39)

Pyrography fire burned nesting wooden doll

Price $8.95

Blue church doll (roro49)

Blue Russian church wooden doll, pyrography art

Price $8.95

Church matryoshka (rrch)

Wooden nesting dolls matryoshka with design of church.

Price $11.95

Pink matryoshka (roro50)

Wooden matryoshka dolls with pyrography pink flowers

Price $8.95

Violet flowers (roro51)

Handmade wooden nesting pyrography dolls with flowers

Price $8.95