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Nesting wooden dolls made of family style

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Man with Pipe (umce02)

Man with Pipe, 5 Units Matryoshka Russian Wooden Nesting Doll

Price $14.95

Man with Samovar (umcz)

Man with Samovar, Set 5 Units Matryoshka Russian Nesting Doll

Price $14.95

Woman with Samovar (umdn)

Woman with Samovar, Matryoshka Russian Nesting Wooden Doll

Price $14.95

Family Matryoshka (umeq)

Matryoshka wooden doll of family style. Height 14 cm.

Price $26.95

Ukraine family (umek02)

Ukraine family style dolls, matryoshka stacking dolls

Price $24.95

Man with Arfa Doll (umem)

Nesting dolls man with arfa. Family style. Height 14 cm.

Price $26.95