Pieces per set > 5 Dolls Matryoshka
Category > Family style
Girl with apples doll (umfa)
Pieces per set: 5 Dolls Matryoshka, Category: Family style

Family style matryoshka wooden doll, handmade. Sets of 5 units. Height 15 cm.

Experience the heartwarming charm of our family-style matryoshka wooden dolls, each lovingly handmade in Russia. This set of five original Matryoshkas, with the tallest doll standing at 15 cm, embodies the essence of Russian tradition and craftsmanship. Perfect for collectors or as a unique gift, these dolls symbolize unity and heritage. Elevate your decor or inventory with these timeless treasures, sure to capture the imagination and add a touch of warmth to any setting.

Average Weight: 150 grams
Price $24.95
Available in Stock: 9995
Amount: (max 9995)
Price of 1 is: $ 24.95
Weight is: 150 grams
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