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Matryoshka dolls of 7 pieces

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Penguins (7108)

Russian wooden nesting dolls made in style of penguins, 7pc

Price $18.95

Owls matryoshka (b7120)

Family of owls, handmade Russian wooden nesting dolls

Price $19.95

Pandas matryoshka (b7123)

Russian wooden nesting dolls made in style of pandas

Price $18.95

Red Matryoshka Doll (7011)

All red matryoshka wooden doll of 7 pieces, height 13.5 cm

Price $18.95

Cats matryoshka (b7121)

Wooden nesting dolls matryoshka cats style, set 7 pieces

Price $19.95

African animals (rrdu06)

Matryoshka nesting dolls of african animals, set 7 pieces

Price $21.95

Traditional doll (7013)

Traditional Russian doll with 7 pieces, flower decor

Price $19.95

Dark Blue Matryoshka (7033)

Russian wooden nesting doll matryoshka babushka darkblue color

Price $19.95

Black Matryoshka (7006)

Black matryoshka wooden nesting dolls with bright flowers

Price $19.95