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Black not painted matryoshka dolls, paint your own nesting doll

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Blank doll 4pc (blank4)

Unpainted Russian nesting wooden doll, set of 4 pieces.

Price $2.50

Matryoshka 5pc (rglx)

Blank wooden nesting doll unpainted unfinished, 5pc

Price $5

Blank doll 5pc (blnk5)

Wooden blank nesting doll, set of 5 pieces

Price $4.50

Blank nesting dolls (blnk5b)

Handmade unpainted wooden nesting dolls. Set of 5 pieces.

Price $9.50

Unpainted Matryoshka (blank3b)

Wooden nesting doll matryoshka in blank, unpainted, 3 pieces

Price $4.95