Pieces per set > 7 Dolls Matryoshka
Category > Fairy tales dolls
Fairy tale doll (umfj)
Pieces per set: 7 Dolls Matryoshka, Category: Fairy tales dolls

Shelkunchik, fairy doll tale, wooden product with images painted by hand. Height 22 cm.

Introducing the enchanting "Shelkunchik" Matryoshka Doll Set straight from Russia, each piece a masterpiece of hand-painted wooden artistry. Delve into the fairy tale world with these 7 intricately crafted dolls, the tallest standing at 22 cm. Perfect for collectors, gifts, or adding a touch of whimsy to any space. Elevate your decor or expand your product line with these authentic, handmade treasures from the heart of Russia.

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