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Category > Christmas dolls
Christmas matryoshka (umez)
Pieces per set: 7 Dolls Matryoshka, Category: Christmas dolls

Handmade wooden nesting dolls matryoshka made in style of Christmas. Set of 7 pieces. Height 22 cm.

Introducing our exquisite handmade wooden nesting dolls, a festive homage to Christmas tradition. Crafted with care in Russia, this set of 7 original Matryoshkas Dolls features intricate designs and vibrant colors, making it a perfect centerpiece for holiday decor or a unique gift. Embrace the charm of Russian craftsmanship and add a touch of whimsy to your celebrations. Ideal for both personal enjoyment and resale opportunities.

Average Weight: 460 grams
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Available in Stock: 9972
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Weight is: 460 grams
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