Pieces per set > 5 Dolls Matryoshka
Category > Traditional matryoshka
Matryoshka dolls (rsmp)
Pieces per set: 5 Dolls Matryoshka, Category: Traditional matryoshka

Elevate your retail or personal space with the charm of Russia's handmade Wooden Nesting Dolls, Matryoshka.

Each set, comprising 5 pieces, brings a burst of color and tradition. The largest doll, 8-10 cm, showcases exquisite craftsmanship, making every piece a unique work of art. Originating from Russia, these dolls blend cultural richness with contemporary flair. Ideal for reselling or adorning your shelves, these charming sets promise a touch of authenticity and a dash of vibrant elegance.

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Average Weight: 50 grams
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Weight is: 50 grams
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