Pieces per set > 5 Dolls Matryoshka
Category > Traditional matryoshka
Chamomile Matryoshka (rsah)
Pieces per set: 5 Dolls Matryoshka, Category: Traditional matryoshka

Elevate your décor or delight your customers with our exquisite Russian wooden nesting doll matryoshka, adorned with charming chamomile and daisy motifs.

Each set, meticulously handmade in Russia, comprises five dolls, with the largest standing at a graceful 9 cm. Embrace the artistry and tradition of these intricately crafted treasures that effortlessly blend cultural richness with timeless elegance.

Ideal for enthusiasts and perfect for resellers seeking distinctive, high-quality items.

Average Weight: 60 grams
Price $5.50
Available in Stock: 9811
Amount: (max 9811)
Price of 1 is: $ 5.5
Weight is: 60 grams
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