Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Who you are and where you are located?
    We are C2A Enterprise, registered in Quito, Ecuador. We both producters and exporters of different kind of jewelry and crafts. We send items worldwide from our distributor centers in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.
  2. Which is delivery time?
    Delivery time depends on your location and shipping method and usually vary about to 10-25 days for certified mail and 5-10 days for express mail.
  3. Why the prices are so low?
    We are producers of items and also we work directly with Native artisans. We can keep prices considerable low due to this fact and also because of volume of sales. Our main market is wholesale with resellers who permanently buying our products. We have many returning clients including ones who use our service during years. Although no matter if you buy just one item, you should espect the best service from our side.
  4. Is the delivery safe? Is there tracking available?
    Due to years of experience in business we know how to keep the things in the best way, including safe packing and the rest. We always send orders within 1-2 business days since reception of payment. For shipping upon your choise we use certified mail or EMS. EMS is providing tracking for all countries, delivery time for USA 5-7 days only, for other countries EMS ship within 5-10 days. Certified mail take longer time, it provide tracking for certain countries, including USA (tracking by USPS), Spain, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany and many others.
    We do guarantee reception of items or full refund (including shipping fees). For certified airmail our standart date-limit is 55 days since payment date, while delays bigger than 30 days are not common.
  5. Which payment option you accept?
    We accept paypal (you can pay by paypal using your credit or debit card), also you can pay us by bank wire to our bank account in Europe or bank account in Ecuador, you can send us Western Union or Moneygram as well. We can accept checks from USA as well (check should be from US bank and in US dollars). If you prefer any other payment method, drop us message and we will see what we can do.
  6. Can you provide us invoice?
    Yes, upon request we can attach invoice to your order.
  7. How can I contact you?
    You can use the following ways:
    Email/contact form on our website: click here
    Phone number: +593 985166689
    Mailing address: C2A Enterprise, casilla 17-23-12, Sangolqui, Pichincha, Ecuador